Turkmenistan's Ambassador Engages with OSCE Parliamentary Assembly President in Vienna

The Permanent Representative of Turkmenistan to the OSCE, Ambassador Amannazarov, met with Ms. Pia Kauma, President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (PA), in Vienna on 8 February 2024. Ambassador Amannazarov provided Ms. Kauma with an overview of the extensive developments currently taking place in Turkmenistan and initiatives in various sectors, including the country's foreign policy and international economic activities, demonstrating Turkmenistan's commitment to progressive change.

The discussion revolved around the current OSCE agenda and the OSCE PA event initiated in Ashgabat. The purpose of the event is to strengthen security, stability and dialogue - key aspects of the strategic interests of both Turkmenistan and the OSCE.

The meeting also served as a platform for both sides to explore ways to strengthen relations between the Parliament of Turkmenistan and the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. Highlighting the importance of joint efforts, the dialogue highlighted the common goals of both entities in ensuring regional stability and cooperation. This interaction highlights Turkmenistan's active role in international diplomacy and its commitment to cooperate with global organizations such as the OSCE to achieve common goals.