Big shipment of Turkmen melons comes to Vienna

Vienna residents are able to enjoy an excellent taste of sweet, juicy and savoury Turkmen melons now. Big shipment of 18.5 tons of melons has been delivered to the capital of the Republic of Austria.

Ter Önüm Business entity established partnership with Austrian Turope Consult GmbH and exports famous Gyzyl Gülaby melons. Packed in eco-friendly carton boxes, the gifts from Turkmen land are delivered by Volvo refrigerator trucks to Austrian consumers.

As is known, Turkmen melons received gold medals at prestige international exhibitions and are famous all over the world with their sugar level and wonderful taste.

Impulse to the development has been given cucurbitaceous crops growing just like to any other branches of agriculture under large-scale reforms. Successfully combining centuries-old practice, achievements of modern agrarian science and advanced technologies, Turkmen farmers and selectionists produce good yields of honey melons.

Representatives of private sector of the economy are actively involved to realization of targeted programmes in agricultural complex, solving the objectives for saturation of local market with various food products, Turkmen business steadily develops foreign relations and improves its positions as a supplier of fruits and vegetable production abroad.

Ter Önüm Business Entity, which has number of permanent customers, the importers from Russia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan and some countries of European Union, is one of good examples.