Recently, musical folklore ensemble “Lachyn” of Turkmenistan won the second place in the 33rd international folk dance competition called “Altyn Garagoz” held in the city of Bursa of Turkey and was awarded a silver cup and monetary prize.   

This competition was held in assistance of the International Organization of Turkic Culture, the main goal of which is to promote cooperation between the Turkic peoples, as well as the preservation of common tangible and cultural values and their handover to future generations.     

This international competition is popular not only among the Turkic speaking people.  This time, the folklore ensembles from 26 countries participated to the dancing competition, including those from Dagestan, Mexico, Georgia and others.      

Musical folklore ensemble “Lachyn” successfully performed at this prestigious competition, demonstrating the unique traditions of Turkmen people, as well as musical and dancing art.  The national outfits of the artists embroidered with beautiful ornaments added an extra beauty to their performance.  

The current success of the ensemble became a vivid example of their professionalism and art skills.  The proficient and talented stage performance of the members of the ensemble received encouraging feedback from the audience.    

Upon return to the Motherland, the members of the musical folklore ensemble “Lachyn” expressed sincere gratitude to the national Leader Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for paying special attention to the promotion of the national culture of our country and providing an opportunity to participate to the international competitions and festivals to popularize the rich heritage of Turkmen people.